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Get With It!

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

It’s a new week, which means there are new things to celebrate and be glad about! Recently, I have been finding so much joy in creating space for morning devotions. Before dealing with the craziness of a new day it is good to just sit with God’s word and familiarize with His goodness.

Have you ever read Isaiah 43? It is a reminder of who God is, what He is capable of, and all of the things He is willing to do JUST FOR US!⁠ Furthermore, it is a reminder that all we need to do is watch, wait, and trust in good faith.

A lot of times in life we miss out on big blessings because it requires big faith. We have become comfortable with what we know, where we are, and limit God's ability to what we can fathom but we serve a God who can not be bound by our imaginations.

Sometimes God shows us things and we shy away from them because we don’t feel worthy. We choose not to do what we feel compelled to do because it is outside of our comfort zone. Or because it is easier to assume that someone is better equipped for the job and will do it, say it, or get it done. But there are blessings attached to being a willing vessel for a more than capable God! His Will will be carried out in a way that is glorious. Just have faith to see God in the unseen things, trusting that it will all come together.

Get with it or hear about it, but either way it’s happening!

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